Karl C. – VT

I have tried everything, just like this Mom’s story with her son.  So when I read about it, my gut reaction was ‘Nope, it’s just a marketing ploy’.  But since I’d tried everything I figured what could it hurt.  They were right though, it’s not a magic pill – but whatever their formula it worked for me.  They didn’t recommend cold turkey but that’s what I did and the first two days were brutal, but on the third day I went back to work, struggled a bit, but didn’t miss a day.  I’ve been clean for almost 90 days now and almost ready to switch to the long term formula.  Never felt so good and don’t want to go back.


Brennan L. – FL

Shocked.  Wasn’t really expecting it to work, but I had to do something as they were starting a drug testing program at work.  Took a long weekend and went cold turkey.  It’s been a month and while I still have a few aches and pains every once in a while my mind is clear and my pee tests are clean.  I’m going to keep my job.


Suzanne P. – CO

I’m not an opiate user, but I have a friend that tried this product and he was amazed at how well the Nighttime formula worked as he always had problems sleeping.  I’ve been trying to stop smoking pot for the last year, but when I do I can’t sleep at night.  So I bought the Nighttime formula, took it for a week before stopping and haven’t missed a night’s sleep.  That has never happened before, and I’ve tried many, many times… but always given in and start using again.  I don’t have any cravings and am sleeping like a baby every night.  Potent is how I’d describe it.


Chaz K. – CA

Seriously strong stuff that works.  Took their advice and went to meetings too.  Would recommend this to anyone looking to get off Suboxone or Oxy.  It worked for me.


Carole S. – MA

I broke my ankle a couple years ago and the doctor prescribed Vicodin which I’ve been on ever since.  My foot has been healed and I can walk fine on it, but every time I tried to stop taking the pain pills I felt horrible so I’d just pop another pill.  It took me a really long time to realize I have a problem and I didn’t know what to do.  I started searching blogs and reading on how to do withdraw at home when I came across this website.  Glad I didn’t try it by myself because even following the program it was hard, now I feel wonderful and I’m never going back.


Sarah M. – TN

I’m writing this for my daughter, she’s just not ready to tell her story but I want other parents to know.  Like the Mom in the Soothedrawal story, my husband and I tried everything for my daughter from a month in rehab, rapid drug detox, methadone – you name it, we tried it.  It was exhausting and we were at our wit’s end when my daughter finally scared herself.  That was the point she realized she needed help.  I scoured the internet trying to find something we could do at home at this point.  Spending another month being drugged up after going through a ‘rapid drug detox’ wasn’t a monetary option for us.  So I purchased the 90 day pak and my daughter decided when she was going to start.  We also insisted ALL of us were going to counseling this time too.  This was the best decision we’ve ever made.  My daughter is a recovering drug addict, she takes each day one day at a time, has a mentor and goes to NA meetings regularly.  My husband and I want to be hopeful, and we are, but as the Mom in this story says, it’s up to the addict and that is what we remember every day.  We are so lucky to have our daughter back, Thank you God.