“Surround yourself with people who make you a better person.” – Anonymous

NarcoticsAnonymousOur mission at Soothedrawal, Inc., is to provide a top-quality product for acute opiate withdrawals.  We also want and also encourage the user to find a support group and mentor to help them overcome the mental issues that created the addiction.

Support is a necessary tool for a full and successful recovery from addiction.  Too many addicts think there is shame in admitting there is a problem, let alone going to a meeting.   It is crucial to the mental well-being of the user to surround themselves with people who understand and care about their sobriety.

Narcotics Anonymous is an excellent resource for finding group support near you, and even finding a mentor.  Participation is never mandatory, so sharing your story or experience is strictly up to the individual.  Just hearing that you aren’t alone, that others have struggled and simply learned to live life day-by-day is a huge benefit to success.  Take the next step to living a sober life, click on the link below to find a meeting in your town.  Success is your choice.

Visit www.na.org  to learn more

Family and friends can suffer from the drama an addicted loved one can inflict.  The feelings of desperation to help are strong, and dealing with the emotions created by the havoc can be overwhelming.  Nar-anon offers meetings for relatives and friends to share their experience, gain strength and hope to regain a normal life.

Visit  www.nar-anon.org/naranon to learn more

Soothedrawal, Inc. is not affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous, and only offers a free alternative to private counseling, Medical recovery/treatment programs, and other organizations.