I set out to have a happy life…

Mother_Son-1-2Couldn’t wait to leave home after High School, get married, and start a family. It all came together beautifully; I got married to a wonderful man and had a baby girl, and eventually a baby boy 18 months later. Life was good!

Growing up, the kids had the usual squabbles between siblings, pushing boundaries. And while my daughter didn’t like to get in trouble, my son went looking for it. He was always a handful: talked back, and pushed the envelope with everyone and every experience. We held our breath all through High School with him. We became acquainted with unfamiliar laws, met policemen we’d rather not know, and didn’t realize how we walked on eggshells when he was in a good mood.

Looking back on the last twelve years I really couldn’t tell you when his moodiness turned into a habit, which evolved into his standard demeanor. It seems that it was a slow progression, and when I finally stopped making excuses and really looked at who and what he had become, I cried. Parents mold their children, is this really what I created? How could two children raised together turn out to be so opposite?…

The first time my son asked for help with his Oxycontin pill-popping addiction, I was stunned. This happens to other people not us, I thought. We’ve always been there for our children; they lacked nothing, and were smothered in love. We thought this was something we could help him overcome with restrictions, guidance and monitoring. Only then would life get back to normal. How naïve we were.

The second time my son asked for help with his Oxycontin pill-popping addiction, I was afraid. What do you mean you’re still taking them? I thought you stopped, why are you still doing that? He confessed that while he tried stopping the first time, it was just too painful and he was going to need professional help. OK! I had a mission, I researched the Rapid Detox facilities and found one three states away.

$12,000 and four weeks later, my son was clean. He still wasn’t feeling great, but he was no longer hooked on Oxycontin. Our son was clean, sober, alert, and loving for the first time in years — his eyes were clear, he was happy, and smiling! We were overjoyed! We did everything the Detox facility instructed once we got home to keep our son with us, except to follow up with counseling.

The third time my son asked for help with his Oxycontin pill-popping addiction, I was livid. What do you mean you’re still taking them? Surely you didn’t start again, knowing everything you’ve been through? This time around, the Rapid Detox facility cost $15,000 along with another trip across three states. On top of it all, there was a miserable four weeks detoxing even after help with the doctors. This time however, we were following through with the entire detox program. We got counseling for him, and eventually for us.

The second week in counseling, the Doctor (a recovered addict himself) confided in us that he could see our son beating this addiction, but he needed to be immersed in rehab — day and night. So he made a call and within a few hours we were driving our son to a $35,000 full-time rehabilitation facility. He stayed clean for 49 days, came home for one night, scored pills, and got high. The next morning we put him in the car and drove him right back to rehab.

The choice was his…

We told him he could stay or he could leave, the choice was his — but we were no longer financially responsible for him. We’d pay for rehab so long as he stayed in the program. If he left he could go to a half-way house or live on the street. We loved him, but could no longer support his poor choices. And by letting him back in, scrambling to help him become sober, wasn’t helping him. He chose to stay.

The fourth time my son asked for help with his Oxycontin pill-popping addiction, I finally understood. We calmly told him that his sobriety was up to him. We would help relieve the discomfort from withdrawals as best we could, but we weren’t rushing to the detox facility. We learned a great deal during his four months in rehab. And the most important ‘tool’ we came away with, was that ultimately, staying clean and sober was strictly up to my son.

He made the decision to stop using, but based on past experience he was going to need help withdrawing.  I consulted a compounding chemist who owned an all-natural health lab that helped find potent blends of herbs that addressed the main physical symptoms of withdrawals.

Soothedrawal formulas are key…

My son started a 21-day taper process that included the Soothedrawal Daytime and Nighttime formulas. The first two days were uncomfortable for him, but he still functioned and was able to work.  By the third and fourth days he was able to sleep 4-5 hours a night and started dreaming.  He confessed it had been over a year since he’d slept for a solid 4 hours without interruption, let alone had a dream.

By incorporating the Daytime and Nighttime formulas into the tapering process, my son found that the withdrawal symptoms were reduced dramatically.  He was able to taper within half the time and never missed a day of work.  Every day he felt better, was clear-eyed and alert.  That was such a drastic difference from the times we had him at the rapid detox centers.  That first week home from the detox center was spent totally out of it with prescription drugs, he couldn’t complete a sentence let alone hold a conversation.

My son’s journey hasn’t been a straight road to clean and sober. But we never gave up on him finding the right path.  He continues to take the Soothedrawal Nighttime and Extended formulas, one for deep sleep and the other to stave off sugar cravings and keep his blood sugar level.

They say ‘Third times the charm’ whenever something doesn’t stick the first time.  It seems the fourth time was my son’s lucky charm.  Perhaps it was going through withdrawals without a doctor’s supervision, taking only natural supplements to soothe the most painful and debilitating withdrawal symptoms, and coming out clean on the other side.  Detoxing on his own gave him confidence to keep taking that next step towards sobriety.

Addiction is vicious, it takes hold of some people and never lets go, we were lucky – turns out, my son has a will to live clean and sober.  He wakes up every morning and makes a conscious decision to make good choices; something my daughter always used to tell him every time he left the house, “Have fun, and make good choices!” she would holler as he ran out the front door.  Now my son has a beautiful baby boy, and he understands the importance in making the daily choice to stay drug free.