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Daytime Formula (60-day Starter Kit) + Nighttime


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    Daytime Formula (60-day Starter Pak) + Nighttime
    Includes 4 Daytime bottles and 2 Nighttime bottles

    Acute withdrawal symptoms are eased by regular, daily doses of the Daytime Formula. This potent, proprietary blend helps the body heal and repair itself at a cellular level while helping combat joint pain, restless legs, nausea, chills/sweats, muscle spasms associated with opiate withdrawal. Our Daytime Formula is especially designed to work quickly in reducing the most acute withdrawal symptoms so you can return your focus to daily life.

    One of the biggest hurdles in coming off an Opiate addiction is being able to sleep. Our Nighttime Formula was created to not only help you drift off to sleep, but encourages a deep slumber while asleep. The powerful blend of ingredients continues to address acute withdrawal symptoms like restless legs, night sweats and joint pain while also helping your body return to natural sleep rhythms. For maximum results, we strongly encourage taking the Nighttime Formula consistently with the Daytime Formula.

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